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An affirmation is a statement that describes what you want - as if you already have it. 

Affirmations are used by many people to instill a new belief or to inspire new behaviors.

A few examples of affirmations are below:

  1. I know that my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health are all improving every day.
  2.  My creativity helps me find original ways to solve problems. 
  3. I am so happy to meet new people and make new friends.
  4. I am grateful I always have enough money to pay my bills on time.
  5. My life is exciting and fulfilling
  6. I am reminded every day that the Universe supports me in every way.
  7. I love my family and they love me.
  8. I am getting better every day at asking for help when I need it.
  9.  I love taking classes and I love to learn new things.
  10. I feel great every time I make progress toward my goals.

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Tracy Brown RScP

Since 1986, Tracy Brown, RScP has used spiritual practices to stay centered and live a  life she loves. Based in Dallas, Texas, she is the author of 12 books and is a frequently requested speaker in New Thought spiritual communities nationwide..

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I Turn to Prayer

Tracy's book, "I Turn to Prayer" is a good complement to the affirmations provided by Affirmations365.  It is a collection of affirmative prayers and prayer poems  on common topics people have asked her to pray about.  

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